IPFS-Nucleus is a minimal block daemon for IPLD based services. You could call it an IPLDaemon.

It implements the following http api calls from IPFS:

  • id
  • block.get
  • block.put
  • block.stat
  • refs
  • block.rm (only needed by GC)
  • refs.local (only needed by GC)

As well as implementing the p2p http proxy (incoming and outgoing). The incoming proxy target is a new config field: Addresses.ProxyTarget

It is designed as a drop in replacment for IPFS with the minimal functionality that Peergos needs to operate, including running an external GC. It includes support for leveldb datastore and flatfs and S3 based blockstores including bloomfilter based wrapping.

It will read its config from a prior existing ipfs config file if present, or create one with the relevant parameters. It uses a v0 blockstore (cids) rather than a v1 (multihashes).

The CLI supports the following sub-commands similar to ipfs:

  • init
  • config


go build daemon/ipfs-nucleus.go




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