This is a local network scanning tool to find hosts connected to your network

why go

There are so many tools out to achieve same goal. we used golang to make scanning faster


Install with docker

  1. install docker in your machine.
  2. run sudo docker pull nibrasmuhamed/go-scanner:1.1
  3. docker run nibrasmuhamed/go-scanner:1.1 <args here> // you may need to run as super user

Build docker image with source code.

  1. clone this repository
  2. run docker build -t <tag:version>
  3. docker run <tag:version> replace tag and version accordingly.

Use with source code.

  1. clone this repository
  2. install golang on your machine
  3. executed go run *.go

Use with build releases

  1. download pre-compiled binary in releases tab.
  2. execute. ./goscanner sudo docker pull nibrasmuhamed/go-scanner:1.1


go-scanner built with spf13/cobra library.


Sub commands

  1. ./go-scanner completion Generate the autocompletion script for go-scanner for the specified shell. See each sub-command’s help for details on how to use the generated script.

  2. ./go-scanner scan scans provided router to find other connected hosts. routerip/mask

    eg :

  3. ./go-scanner help prints manual for user.


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