A modern tool for the Windows kernel exploration and observability.

Fibratus is a tool for exploration and tracing of the Windows kernel. It lets you trap system-wide events such as process life-cycle, file system I/O, registry modifications or network requests among many other observability signals. In a nutshell, Fibratus allows for gaining deep operational visibility into the Windows kernel but also processes running on top of it.

Events can be shipped to a wide array of output sinks or dumped to capture files for local inspection and forensics analysis. The powerful filtering engine permits drilling into the event flux entrails.

You can use filaments to extend Fibratus with your own arsenal of tools and so leverage the power of the Python ecosystem.


  • blazing fast
  • collects a wide spectrum of kernel events - from process to network observability signals
  • super powerful filtering engine
  • running Python scriptlets on top of kernel event flow
  • capturing event flux to kcap files and replaying anywhere
  • transporting events to Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ or console sinks
  • transforming kernel events
  • scanning malicious processes and files with Yara
  • PE (Portable Executable) introspection