A module to run and supervise php-fpm in the background

This module is optimised for running a PHP app using caddy in Google Cloud Run in that it will not let Caddy start until php-fpm has started. Otherwise Google Cloud run will see your port is open and start serving to it.

How it works

This will spawn a php-fpm process in the background and prevent caddy from starting till it’s up and running. When Caddy stops, the php-fpm process will also be stopped.

Full HTTP Caddyfile example


    # Must be in global options
    php-fpm {
        cmd php-fpm -y fpm.conf
        sock_location path/to/fpm.sock
        start_timeout 10s
} {
    @trailing-slash {
        path_regexp dir (.+)/$
    rewrite @trailing-slash {re.dir.1}

    root * /var/www

    try_files {path} {path}.php {path}/index.php =404
    php_fastcgi unix/path/to/fpm.sock

Building it

Use the xcaddy tool to build a version of caddy with this module:

xcaddy build \


This package is a stripped down version of, which itself is a continuation of which only supports Caddy v1.

Thanks @lucaslorentz and @baldinof for the original works!


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