Memorize ghdl as github download

ghdl is a fast and simple program (and also a golang module) for downloading and installing executable binary from github releases.

animated demo

The demo above extracts fd execuable to current working directory and give execute permission to it.


  • Auto decompressing and unarchiving the downloaded asset (without any system dependencies like tar or unzip)

    Currently supporting unarchiving `tar` and decompressing `zip` `gzip`.
    Package format `deb` `rpm` `apk` will be downloaded directly

    ghdl binary is statically linked, works well on non-FHS *nix systems like NixOS). In case this is relevant to you, on that kind of system, only binaries like ghdl can be run directly.

  • Setups for executable: ghdl moves executable to specified location and add execute permissions to the file.

  • Auto filtering: multiple assets in one release will be filtered by OS or ARCH. This feature can be disabled using -F flag.

  • Interactive TUI: when auto filtering is failed or returned multiple options, you can select assets in a interactive way, with vim key bindings support.

  • Release tags: ghdl downloads latest release by default, other or old tagged releases can be downloaded by specifying release tag: username/repo#tagname

  • Inspect download status with real-time progress bar.


If you’re going to use ghdl as a go module, ignore the following installation progress.

  • Using Go tools:

    go will download the latest version of ghdl to $GOPATH/bin, please make sure $GOPATH is in the PATH:

    go install[email protected]

    Note: Just to be safe, you’d better specify CGO_ENABLED=0 when running go install on non-FHS *nix systems like NixOS)

  • Download and run executable from release.

  • Run the following shell script(*nix system only):

    curl -fsSL "" | sh
    # feel free to change the `dir` url param to specify the installation directory.



Run ghdl --help

❯ ghdl --help

ghdl download binary from github release
ghdl handles archived or compressed file as well

  ghdl <user/repo[#tagname]> [flags]

  -F, --filter-off    turn off auto-filtering feature
  -h, --help          help for ghdl
  -n, --name string   specify binary file name to enhance filtering and extracting accuracy
  -p, --path path     save binary to path and add execute permission to it (default ".")

It’s tedious to specify -p manually, we can alias ghdl -p "$DirInPath" to a shorthand command, then use it as a executable installer.

Go Module

  1. Require ghdl to go.mod

    go get
  2. Use ghdl‘s out-of-box utilities: see TestDownloadFdBinary func as an example


Inspired by egoist/bina, TUI powered by charmbracelet/bubbletea


Licensed under MIT

Author: @beetcb | Email: [email protected]


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