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A multi platform runtime for WASI. It’s written to show that its possible to run WebAssembly in multiple platforms. When .Net 7 preview began supported WASI as a target , I want to know if multiple targets which are not supported by .Net can execute files. Answer yes 🙂

Tested with .Net 7 preview and AssemblyScript. Based on Wazero.

How to use After downloading from Release or compiling yourself you can run WASI files by

wasabi executable.wasm

I write a article on it on https://www.wasm.builders/bleakview/running-net-where-it-has-never-run-before-risc-v-freebsd-and-beyond-4cd

example linux with risc-v

Running WASI on Linux RISC-V 64

example linux with powerpc64le

Running WASI on Linux PowerPC64le

example freebsd with amd64

Running WASI on FreeBSD Amd64


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