A no-bloat native GUI client for REST APIs

Back to the basics of what’s essential in a REST API client:

  • Light and light on its feet (~11 MB)
  • Configurable yet stays out of your way
  • Cross-platform
  • Light & dark theming
  • Compiles to a single statically-linked executable: zero external dependencies
  • Zero embedded phone-home elements


Dark Theme Light Theme
Dark Theme Light Theme

Dark Theme

Installing & Running

Portable executable binaries for Windows and Linux are available in the releases page. MacOS & BSD builds are coming (one import proved quite a handful about native graphics drivers for the usual painless golang cross-compiles)

You may choose to run Gui4REST directly by double-clicking on the downloaded file. On Linux, if double-clicking does not fire it up, make it executable first by running:

cd /path/to/Gui4REST
chmod +x Gui4REST


  • Burst Mode
  • Saving & loading of previously run APIRequests
  • Tests


I built Gui4REST in an afternoon. Refinements will come 🙂


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