mailctl (in alpha)

modern console-based email app (not TUI!)

Thanks for checking out mailctl!


Currently, as mailctl is in alpha, the only way to install it is by building it with go:

go build main.go ./mailctl


Run mailctl init to put a sample configuration file at ~/.mailctl.yml. Alternatively, you can view the sample in GitHub.


The name of the executable is mailctl (you may wish to alias this). You can specify which account to use for any command with -a 1

command supported? function
list [folder] yes Lists emails in folder (if folder is not specified, a select menu will appear)
view id yes View an email or a draft. Requires email or draft id.
new yes Write a new email.
send id yes Send a draft. Requires draft id.
move id yes Move an email or draft to a different folder. Requires email or draft id.
search no Search for an email. Syntax not defined yet.


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