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This tool will help you ensure that a terraform folder answer to your norms and conventions rules. This can be really useful in several cases :

  • You’re a team that want to have a clean and maintainable code.
  • You’re a lonely developer that develop a lot of modules and you want to have a certain consistency between them.


  • make sure that the block names match a certain pattern.
  • make sure that the code is properly dispatched. To do this you can decide what type of block can contain each file (for example output blocks must be in outputs.tf).
  • ensure that mandatory .tf files are present.
  • ensure that the terraform version has been defined.
  • ensure that the providers’ version has been defined.
  • make sure that the variables and/or outputs blocks have the description argument filled in.
  • layered terraform folders (test recursively).

Terraform 0.12+ is supported only by the versions 2.0.0 and higher.


Please find the full documentation here (ReadTheDocs).


Thibault Hazelart
Logo by Alexis Normand


Apache 2.0