A package manager for Unix-like Operating systems, written in Golang.

The Purpose of fpkg is to create a universal package manager for Unix-like operating systems.

How it works

fpkg is source-code based, it checks if a repository with the specified name exists and provides a list for you to choose from. It then runs ./configure to… Yes, configure the program, then runs make to compile the software and make install to install.

The main idea is to act similarly to ArchLinux AUR, Gentoo Portage/Emerge and BSD Ports, but universally.


  • Conventional Commits – We are trying to do organized commits, so if you have the intention of contributing, would be cool if you use Conventional Commits.

  • Branches

We use two principal branches, master and dev. ALL new features are first made in the dev branch, and after a few testing, merged to the master. To doing a Pull Request, you need to:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a new branch from the dev branch:
git checkout -b my-new-feature dev
  1. Add your files, commit and push:

git add .
git commit -m "feat: A awesome feature"
git push
  1. After these steps, open a Pull Request to merge your branch with our dev branch.


BSD-3-Clause license

Keep it simple, stupid!


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