A multithreaded groupchat server/client implementation made with Go and gRPC.

This project leverages concurrency constructs in Go as well as socket-like bidirectional streaming in gRPC to exchange messages.

The server uses a hexagonal architecture. Components like storage, authentication, and inbound/outbound ports are abstracted away from the core server logic using interfaces. This makes the server “agnostic to the outside world” , and it will indivdual components easier to test in isolation (when finally get around to writing tests ­čśÄ)


Without Docker

Install Dependencies go mod download

Build Executable go build -o groupchat

Start Server go run server.go -spass <password> -h <hostname> ex. ./groupchat -s -spass "password" -port "5000"

Start Client ./gRPC-terminal-chat -u <username> -g <groupname> -p <password> -h <hostname> ex. ./groupchat -u "shehjad" -pass "abc" -g "my group" -spass "password" -url "localhost:5000"

With Docker

Build container docker build --tag=groupchat .

Run Server: docker run -it -p 5000:5000 groupchat:latest ./groupchat -s -spass "password" -port "5000"

Run Some Clients: docker run -it -i --net=host groupchat:latest ./groupchat -u "user 1" -pass "abc" -g "my group" -spass "password" -url "localhost:5000"

docker run -it -i --net=host groupchat:latest ./groupchat -u "user 2" -pass "abc" -g "my group" -spass "password" -url "localhost:5000"


Generate Protocol Bufffer protoc -I proto/ proto/groupchat.proto --go_out=plugins=grpc:proto

Formatting go fmt ./...


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