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What is Euphoria?

Euphoria is an open-source personal EPUB book library which was highly inspired
by talebook,
calibre-web and BookBrowser.

It’s designed to serve millions of book. Aims for providing high performance, readability comparing with its
competitors. And it’s easy to be deployed on any Unix-like systems with only one file.

  • High performance

Euphoria didn’t used metadata.db which was created by calibre directly. We would store all the books’s metadata into
bleve which can provide a better searching performance comparing to SQLite3.

  • Better book organize

The books’ directory architecture is defined by
the Chinese Library Classification. We would put the
books into different directories by the categories it belongs.

  • Better book deduplication

We would deduplication the book by
its CIP (Cataloging in Publication) in China
and ISBN.

  • Better chinese books metadata management

A lot of Chinese EPUBs don’t generate with a valid metadata. We would correct it
by CIP database and a builtin Douban spider.

State of this project

The current master branch is unstable and is not recommended for production use. Euphoria 1.0.0 (what will be the first
release version) is currently in the development stage.


Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting
patches and the contribution workflow.


Euphoria is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


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