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A place where you can find your favorite pets! Link Projects ยป

About The Project

This program allows everyone to find and raise their favorite animals

this is how:

  • Users can register, then search for available animals for adoption
  • The previous pet owner will approve the adoption request, and make an appointment in person
  • After meeting the previous animal owner, now the user can adopt their favorite animal ?

Built With

This project was built using the Clean Architecture Concept with the Golang echo framework.

The following is a list of the technologies we used in this project :

  • Golang
  • Echo
  • Swagger
  • OAuth
  • Calender
  • Google Cloud

Getting Started

In terms of using this program make sure to follow the steps below

Make sure your computer has golang installed.

  1. If you don’t have Golang on your computer, you can download it at

  2. Clone the repo

    git clone
  3. Install All Dependency

    go get
  4. set environment, database connection

  5. Run Projects

    go run main.go



Open Api

Swagger Open Api link


The following is a list of contributors to this project

Lukman HafidzRizuna divaAhmad Reski


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