How it works

Its a plain simple goroutine pool.

Run the example

This will run the example of how havuz works.

go run examples/main.go

How many workers you like to have?

WithWorkerCount(workerCount int) ConfigParam

What is the pool capacity you like to have?

WithPoolCapacity(poolCapacity int) ConfigParam

When should havuz clean up the idle workers?

WithIdleWorkerTimeout(idleWorkerTimeout time.Duration) ConfigParam

Do you have a context to shutdown goroutine pool?

WithContext(parentCtx context.Context) ConfigParam

How to initiate havuz?

havuz.New(configs ...ConfigParam) *WorkerPool


    WithPoolCapacity(poolCapacity int),
    WithWorkerCount(workerCount int)

How to send a task? (Tries to submit the task, if the queue is full then it drops the task)

func (wp *WorkerPool) TrySubmit(task func()) bool 

How to send a task forcefully? (Tries to submit the task, if the queue is full then it will block till its sent)

func (wp *WorkerPool) MustSubmit(task func()) bool

You can gracefully shutdown the pool with this.

func (wp *WorkerPool) Shutdown()

You can set log handler

func (wp *WorkerPool) SetLogHandler(f func(msg string))

You can set error handler

func (wp *WorkerPool) SetErrorHandler(f func(err error))


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