This plugin for remco is made to retrieve resources from the kubernetes API. It is mainly based on the confd backend created by @jfrabaut. For now it can retrieve services, endpoints and statefulsets.

How to install it

  1. install remco
  2. clone the repo
  3. go get
  4. go build
  5. cp remco-plugin-kubernetes /etc/remco/plugins/kubernetes

How to use it

You can find configuration and template examples in examples directory

Configuration parameters are :

  • host : url of kubernetes API, if not set plugin will consider running inside kubernetes and will connect to the local API server
  • username : if using standard auth, username to login
  • password : if using standard auth, password used to login
  • token : bearer token, if not using username/password to authenticate
  • ca : file containing the CA
  • key : file containing the key, if required
  • cert : file containing the cert, if required
  • log_level : log level of the plugin


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