Kubectl Locality Plugin

A plugin to get the locality of pods


go install github.com/howardjohn/[email protected]


Example output:

$ kubectl locality -n default
NAMESPACE     NAME                      REGION          ZONE
default       echo-cb96f8d94-2j6c6      us-central1     us-central1-f
default       echo-cb96f8d94-5kcgr      us-central1     us-central1-f
default       echo-cb96f8d94-86pnt      us-central1     us-central1-a
default       echo-cb96f8d94-jjr6r      us-central1     us-central1-b
default       echo-cb96f8d94-p77bk      us-central1     us-central1-b
default       echo-cb96f8d94-t9b58      us-central1     us-central1-a
default       echo-cb96f8d94-wgvlv      us-central1     us-central1-a
default       echo-cb96f8d94-zvqtd      us-central1     us-central1-b
default       shell-7854df9c5-ggclf     us-central1     us-central1-a


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