built in go

caddy-hax is a caddy v2 plugin that contains various useful ‘hacks’.


This repo uses nix + direnv to easily and automatically install dependencies and run caddy with this plugin enabled in an easy way. Once both nix and direnv are installed, run direnv allow in the root of the project to install all the required dependencies.


Use xcaddy to build, or use nix!

xcaddy example:

xcaddy build --output ./caddy --with

nix example:

caddy with caddy-hax already included:


build your own!


How to run

There are two ways to run the project.

  1. The run command which will rebuild the go caddy plugin when files are changed as well as run the run-hax command.
  2. The run-hax command which will run Caddy in watch mode on the Caddyfile in the conf directory.

Current Hax

The local server runs on localhost:6420. Some of the hacks can be run in isolation using different routes.


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