Go Report Card

PM2-GO is a clone of Unitech/pm2 made using golang. The aim is to make it easy to install. Performance is the bonus.

Starting an application in production mode is as easy as:

pm2-go start python

Works on Linux & macOS, no support for Windows.

Start an application

You can start any application (Node.js, Python, Ruby, binaries in $PATH…) like that:

pm2-go start python

Managing Applications

Once applications are started you can manage them easily:

To list all running applications:

pm2-go ls

Managing apps is straightforward:

pm2-go stop     <app_name|id|json_conf>
pm2-go restart  <app_name|id|json_conf>
pm2-go delete   <app_name|id|json_conf>

To see real-time logs:

pm2-go logs <app_name|id>


  • Add tests
  • Add namespace feature
  • Add info command
  • Add load balancer??


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