A podcast server providing Radiru programs written in golang

All data processed by this program should be handled in accordance with the terms of use for Radiru


  1. Visit Radiru ProgramList, copy site_id for the program you want to follow.

  2. Edit conf.yml and declare podcast. Specify the copied site_id as the id of the podcast. (Optional) If you specify corner_id, the corner will be served as an independent podcast. Otherwise, all the corners in the site_id are served as a single podcast.

  - id: 1633
  - id: F295
    corner_id: 29

This will make podcasts http://<host>:8080/audio/f295_29/feed.rss and http://<host>:8080/audio/f295_29/feed.rss

  1. Run cmd/nhkpod/main.go by make build && ./nhkpod or your preferred method to run the go program. Otherwise, you can docker-compose them. That way you just make .env then specify the podcast host.
NHKPOD_HOST=<your docker host>

Then docker-compose up. The directory for audio files and feed.rss will be mounted to ./audio as a docker volume.

  1. Initially, it will download all the available audio files associated with the site_id and corner_id you’ve specified.

  2. Register url http://<host>:8080/audio/<site_id>/feed.rss or http://<host>:8080/audio/<site_id>_<corner_id>/feed.rss on your podcast client.

Use Docker

Environment variables

Key Description Default
NHKPOD_SCHEDULE schedule for audio file download & podcast feed update (cron style) 35 * * * *
NHKPOD_LOG_FILE log file log.log
NHKPOD_AUDIO_DIR audio & podcast feed directory audio
NHKPOD_CONF_PATH configuration file path conf.yml
NHKPOD_PORT port for podcast server 8080
NHKPOD_HOST host for podcast server n/a


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