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This is a parser for graphql, written to mirror the graphql-js reference implementation as closely while remaining idiomatic and easy to use.

spec target: June 2018 (Schema definition language, block strings as descriptions, error paths & extension)

This parser is used by gqlgen, and it should be reasonablly stable.

Guiding principles:

  • maintainability: It should be easy to stay up to date with the spec
  • well tested: It shouldnt need a graphql server to validate itself. Changes to this repo should be self contained.
  • server agnostic: It should be usable by any of the graphql server implementations, and any graphql client tooling.
  • idiomatic & stable api: It should follow go best practices, especially around forwards compatibility.
  • fast: Where it doesnt impact on the above it should be fast. Avoid unnecessary allocs in hot paths.
  • close to reference: Where it doesnt impact on the above, it should stay close to the graphql/graphql-js reference implementation.