A Priority Queue in Go that uses concurrency to return from Pop() and Push() in linear time, before starting a goroutine to re-heapify the underlying data structure [O(logn)]. Read/write calls while the heap is still being restructured will block until the queue is ready again.

This was mostly just a quick playground for me to try using a single-item capacity buffered channel as a lock for shared memory (instead of the standard sync/mutex); in practical application, one should probably just leverage the container/heap library (by implementing the heap interface, like in internalPriorityQueue.go) and use their own goroutines around Peek() and Pop().


  • Call the constructor with c := NewCHeap()
  • c.Push(object, priority) your items
  • c.Pop() them off the queue
  • c.Peek() to see what’s next, without affecting the queue


This uses any, which was added in go1.18; any is just an alias for interface{}, so you can safely find and replace for use in projects referencing an older version of Go.


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