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The ceiling

Jokes out the way…..

Every request is sent to http://delugedrop.com/3Dash/whatever with http v1 and your favorite certified by robtop php security

Also his servers are down 😂 R.I.P Garbage PHP at http://delugedrop.com/3Dash/

findings lmao

POST A Level

> POST /push_level_data.php > Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded ># URL Encoded Forms data: > name = “self explanatory” > author = “why not make an account system” > difficulty = “0-5” > data = {"name":"normally the limit is 24 chars","author":"same here","difficulty":0,"songId":0-21,"songStartTime":0-songlength,"floorId":0-3,"backgroundId":0-2,"startingColor":[red,green,blue],"levelData":[#Level data],"pathData":[#Path Data],"cameraData":[#Camera Data]}

GET Recent Levels

> GET /get_recent.php < Level ID < Level Name < Level Difficulty < Repeat………….

GET A Level

> POST /get_json.php certified robtop POST request > Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded ># URL Encoded Forms data: > id = 0-yes < #Level Data (in json)


Level Data

Just look at the name of the function

public static int[,] FlatDataToEditorData(List<GameObject>[][] inData, int totalItems)
	int[,] array = new int[totalItems, 5];
	int num = 0;
	for (int i = 0; i < inData[0].Length; i++)
		for (int j = 0; j < inData.Length; j++)
			List<GameObject> list = inData[j][i];
			for (int k = 0; k < list.Count; k++)
				FlatItem component = list[k].GetComponent<FlatItem>();
				array[num, 0] = component.index;
				array[num, 1] = component.x;
				array[num, 2] = component.y;
				array[num, 3] = component.z;
				array[num, 4] = component.angle;
	return array;

Yep, one of the many numbers in a single array would look like [index, x, y, z, angle] remove the brackets and continue it with every object and you get the level data

Path Data


Camera Data

private void RecordArm()
	float[] array = new float[4];
	Vector3 myEulerAngles = this.boomArm.myEulerAngles;
	array[0] = myEulerAngles.x;
	array[1] = myEulerAngles.y;
	array[2] = myEulerAngles.z;
	array[3] = this.time;

This function is called every frame update if the “playtester” has not ended and you haven’t pressed escape. This is pretty similar to the #Level Data, but its more like [x, y, z, time] and continue with every angle squish it in to one array and ya done

Data When Uploading

public static Level ExportToLevelObject()
	return new Level
		name = LevelEditor.levelName,
		author = LevelEditor.levelAuthor,
		difficulty = LevelEditor.difficulty,
		songId = LevelEditor.songId,
		songStartTime = LevelEditor.songStartTime,
		floorId = LevelEditor.floorId,
		backgroundId = LevelEditor.backgroundId,
		startingColor = LevelEditor.ColorToArray(LevelEditor.startingColor),
		levelData = LevelEditor.GridToArray(LevelEditor.levelData),
		pathData = LevelEditor.GridToArray(LevelEditor.pathData),
		cameraData = LevelEditor.GridToArray(LevelEditor.cameraData)

This gets converted to JSON

public string LevelToJSON(Level level)
	return JsonUtility.ToJson(level);

And gets hand crafted in to a request, also is it just me or did delugedrop forget that the name, author and difficulty is also in the data??

private IEnumerator SetRequest(string uri, string levelName, string levelAuthor, int difficulty, string JSON)
	WWWForm wwwform = new WWWForm();
	wwwform.AddField("name", levelName);
	wwwform.AddField("author", levelAuthor);
	wwwform.AddField("difficulty", difficulty);
	wwwform.AddField("data", JSON);
	using (UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Post(uri, wwwform))
		yield return www.SendWebRequest();
		int responseCode;
		if (www.result == UnityWebRequest.Result.ConnectionError || www.result ==UnityWebRequest.Result.DataProcessingError || www.result ==UnityWebRequest.Result.ProtocolError)
			responseCode = 0;
			Debug.Log("No Unity Errors");
			responseCode = (int)www.responseCode;
		this.ManageOutput(www.downloadHandler.text, responseCode);
	UnityWebRequest www = null;
	yield break;
	yield break;


Vuln i probably foudn

ok so can i just create mitm proxy, and do something evil sanitizing user input for the better

Havent tested, but

since no server protec i can attac and make IMPOSSIBLE lvl IMPOSSIBLE

New Absolute for 3Dash????

Ummm, i think yeah unless he kills my work


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