Bramble is a production-ready GraphQL federation gateway. It is built to be a simple, reliable and scalable way to aggregate GraphQL services together.


Bramble supports:

  • Shared types across services
  • Namespaces
  • Field-level permissions
  • Plugins:
    • JWT, Open tracing, CORS, ...
    • Or add your own
  • Hot reloading of configuration

It is also stateless and scales very easily.

Future work/not currently supported

There is currently no support for subscriptions.


Contributions are always welcome!

If you wish to contribute please open a pull request. Please make sure to:

  • include a brief description or link to the relevant issue
  • (if applicable) add tests for the behaviour you're adding/modifying
  • commit messages are descriptive

Before making a significant change we recommend opening an issue to discuss
the issue you're facing and the proposed solution.

Building and testing

Prerequisite: Go 1.15 or newer

To build the bramble command:

go build -o bramble ./cmd
./bramble -conf config.json

To run the tests:

go test ./...