Side Car

This application is meant to implement some productivity tools in a way that could be easily used in a bunch of different environments. It will be easy to use and allow the user to easily hack it and modify it for their own use.

Planned features

Epic Functionality
Workouts Design workout routines
Workouts Implement workout routine with dates
Workouts “Play” workouts with reps and timers
Workouts Create Dashboard (current program, complete %, next workout)
Workouts Add “Anchor Movements” *exercises you wanna use as benchmarks (allow for time/weight/reps)
Workouts Add/delete flexible metrics (name, type, graph type) for dashboard
Nutrition Create Macro Plan *with notes
Nutrition Add, delete, edit (name, protein, carbs, fats)
Nutrition Color Code days by protein intake
Nutrition View in table by day/week/month
Tasking Simple nested task list with due dates and importance coding (red, yellow, green)
Tasking Create daily, weekly, monthly routines
Notifications Create service to remind of tasks weekly (Email newsletter?)
Goals Add Goals with clear time limit and proof of completion
Journal image + paragraph txt.


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