k6-to-honeycomb is a program that sends k6 results into Honeycomb for
visualization and analysis.

Getting Started

k6-to-honeycomb is a Go program, the most straightforward way to install it is to first install
Go 1.17+.

$ go install github.com/tmc/k6-to-honeycomb/cmd/[email protected]

This will place a k6-to-honeycomb binary into your $GOPATH/bin directory which by default is
located at $HOME/go/bin. Typically you would place that directory into your system’s PATH.


The Honeycomb write API key can be provided with the -k command line flag. If not provided it will attempt to be read from the HC_API_KEY environment variable.

Example Use

Here is an exmaple of running k6 with streaming JSON output that this program can ingest and ship off to honeycomb.

Example k6 invocation (note –out json= parameter):

$ k6 run -u 1 -d 10s --out json=./output.json

You can then ship these events to honeycomb like so:

$ k6-to-honeycomb output.json

By default this will send to a k6-load-tests dataset but this is configurable with the -d parameter like so:

$ k6-to-honeycomb -d k6-load-test-results output.json

Example Results

Example Results


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