A project for hosting curl-based animations, all in one place, and a follow up to

Any animations you want to add are welcome! 🎉

Try it out in your terminal:


Running locally

To run the server locally on port 8080, run:

go run main.go

Running in Docker

docker run -p 8080:8080 hugomd/ascii-live:latest

Adding frames

  • Fork this repository
  • Create a new frame file in /frames, call it the name of your frames/animation, e.g. parrot.go
  • Inside your new file, create an exported list of frames, e.g.

package frames

// This is the value stored in the FrameMap
var MyAnimation = DefaultFrameType(myAnimationFrames)

var myAnimationFrames = []string{

Frame Contributions

Here’s a list of lovely people who have contributed frames to this project:

Contributor Frame File Repository
hexrcs forrest.go run-forrest-run
jmhobbs parrot.go terminal-parrot

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