A prometheus exporter for Facepunch Rust servers


Supported Metrics

name description
facepunch_rust_players The number of currently connected players
facepunch_rust_players_queued The number of players queued to connect
facepunch_rust_players_joining The number of players connecting
facepunch_rust_server_max_players Max number of players allowed to join
facepunch_rust_server_entity_count Number of entities loaded in game
facepunch_rust_server_uptime How long the server has been up for
facepunch_rust_server_framerate Server framerate
facepunch_rust_server_memory Server memory consumption
facepunch_rust_server_collections Number of collections loaded in game
facepunch_rust_server_network_in Ingress networking traffic
facepunch_rust_server_network_out Egress networking traffic
facepunch_rust_server_restarting 1 if the server is restarting, 0 for running

Getting Started

An example grafana-agent configuration file is provided in examples/, but generally:

  - job_name: rust
    metrics_path: /scrape
      - source_labels:
          - __address__
        target_label: __param_target
      - source_labels:
          - __param_target
        target_label: instance
      - target_label: __address__
        replacement: '<EXPORTER_HOST>:<EXPORTER_PORT>'
      - targets:

Once configured, build and run:

go build .
./facepunch_rust_exporter -rcon.password <RCON_PASSWORD>

An example grafana dashboard can also be found in examples/


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