🔴 Important Notice – Deadcord Development
Currently the development of Deadcord is slowing down. This project is no longer our priority, instead we are dedicating most of our time to https://github.com/FreeSource .


💀 Deadcord v1.4.2

😎 Read below completely before asking for support!

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☎️ Telegram: https://t.me/singularitylabs

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🚨 Disclaimer

I do not endorse nor condone raids. Any actions carried out by our tool are at your own risk. We are responsible for creating our tool, but not for how it is used. To protect our work, and to prevent it from being re-distributed, we have not provided detailed development setup instructions.

⛔ Just to let you know.

  • Using anything above 350 tokens with Deadcord is risky, and may cause your tokens to become locked. (Dont know why you would need this much anyway, seems like overkill).
  • I am not responisble for anything you do with this tool. (Got to put that in there).
  • I know there is going to be that one person that forks this repo and rebrands Deadcord into “their own program”. Alright, follow the license. If not, I can always submit a DMCA take down request. Had it done before. Just follow the license and have some respect for my time.

🧰 Basic Usage

Download the latest release from our releases section. Download the file to a location of your choosing.

  1. Create a file named tokens.txt in the same place as Deadcord. Make sure “View File Extensions” is enabled on Windows File Explorer. Visit this for more info: How to enable Windows File extenions.
  • Your token file should follow this format:
    • No quotation marks.
    • Each token is on its own line.
    • You cannot use the encrypted token.
  1. Download the latest version of Deadcord from our releases section.

  2. Download & Install our BetterDiscord plugin provided in this repo: https://github.com/CalamityDev/Deadcord-Client.

  3. Make sure Deadcord is running in the background.

  4. If the steps above finish successfully, you are good to go! Use the BetterDiscord plugin to interact with Deadcord.

  5. Keep an eye on the Deadcord engine while using the Deadcord plugin.

❓ Why was Deadcord made?

Many people may question why we built Deadcord. Deadcord was built to protest against several of Discords recent actions and decisions, among other things. We built Deadcord because of:

  • The forced shutdown of discord.py. Discord.py is back up.
  • Switching every bot over to slash commands.
  • Discord and YouTube partnership.
  • Forcing big and small music bots out of business. It was someone’s hobby.
  • Locks a lot of new features behind Nitro.
  • Against BetterDiscord and custom clients.
  • Hides behind their TOS to avoid lengthy user questions.
  • Moving towards NFT’s against community advice and kickback. (They moved away from this as of now, but they will eventually come back to this idea, gotta please the investors)
  • Discord hypocrisy, introducing alt account system, when they want to prevent spam and raids.
  • Discord’s new terms of service that is vauge and broad.
  • Considering punishing users for off-platform abuse, what kinds of abuse? How will they monitor it?
  • Attempting to police possible misinformation, how will Discord determine what is credible or what is not? Server owners should decide what information they want in their servers.
  • Discord banning users for reporting clearly illegal servers. There needs to be a better system for this.
  • Discord shafting their user base to please their investor overlords.
  • Questionable business practices in the past.

🚀 Lets see the features

  • Spam speed increases with each token you add.
  • Deadcord averages about 290 pings every 2 seconds with 25 tokens.
  • Bots can bypass reaction verify and member screening.
  • Different spam modes: @everyone, mass user, blank, and lag.
  • Bots join and leave servers quickly with a short random delay.
  • Filter tokens and check if they are alive, removes dead tokens.
  • Speak through a token in all channels.
  • Change all bots nickname and status at once.
  • Spoofs Discord client requests, bots send real-looking requests.
  • Injects directly into Discord, and uses custom UI elements using BetterDiscord.
  • Chnage bot profile pictures with one click.
  • Spam & Delete Webhook.
  • Mass friend request spam.
  • Auto adjusts ratelimits and spam speed.
  • Can run on a localhost or remote server (replit), which opens the possibbilty of a mobile raid client.
  • Advanced request and cookie handling to prevent detection.
  • Tokens can join most servers despite captchas on join. This also depends on the quality of your tokens.
  • Unique token profiles to make requests look legit.

🏁 Setup for Development

I will not be providing in-depth setup instructions. Part of this is to protect my work, as well as the statement declared in the disclaimer section. If you wish to use our tool, download a release from our releases section. If you have any inquires, contact me personally on our Telegram channel.

❓ FAQ’s

Q: Is this a Discord bot?
A: No, Deadcord is not a Discord Bot, it is a program to automate 
user accounts with their corresponding token.

Q: Can my tokens get phone-locked?
A: We have successfully tested Deadcord against several scenarios. 
You are able to spam constantly for 5 hours before your tokens are locked. 
If you use our tool wisely, they should never get phone-locked.

Q: Discord is going to patch it!1!11
A: There is only so many "patches" Discord can make until it starts 
effecting the user experience. Who knows, maybe this will help them fix 
their screwed up platform. Any patches that come up will probably be 
reflected by Deadcord.

Q: Is there any alternatives to Deadcord?
A: Yes, there are some alternatives to Deadcord, such as MassDmGo.

🔥 Roadmap

See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).

📜 License

Distributed under the GNU AGPLv3 License. See LICENSE for more information. If you use any code written in the repository, and you plan to distribute it, corresponding code must be open source and under the same license.

📝 Changelog

Deadcord v1.4.2

  • [ ADDED ] Soft quit.
  • [ ADDED ] Error reporting.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Channel importing.

Deadcord v1.4.1

  • [ ADDED ] Mass invite creator.
  • [ PLANNED ] Full captcha support.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Ratelimit handling and delays.
  • [ FIXED ] Crashing on startup.

Deadcord v1.4 – ⚠️ Important Update

  • [ ADDED ] Gateway support.
  • [ ADDED ] Automatic onliner on startup.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Token profile creation.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Request header system.
  • [ FIXED ] Token speak.
  • [ FIXED ] Client build number.
  • [ FIXED ] 20+ bugs.
  • [ ATTEMPTED FIX ] Channel importing.
  • [ REMOVED ] Friendly Deadcord URLs.
  • [ REMOVED ] Auto-updater due to malware concerns.
  • [ REJECTED ] Random port number on startup.

Deadcord v1.3

  • [ FIXED ] Invalid invites bug.
  • [ FIXED ] Some other small issues.

Deadcord v1.2 – ⚠️ Important Update

  • [ ADDED ] Discord PTB and Canary URL use.
  • [ ADDED ] More quotes.
  • [ ADDED ] Custom context support.
  • [ ADDED ] Deadcord auto-updater.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Request handling.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Thread spammer.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Small terminal visuals.
  • [ FIXED ] Membership screening bypass.
  • [ FIXED ] Token joining.
  • [ FIXED ] Basic auto-verify.
  • [ FIXED ] General code cleanup.

Deadcord v1.1

  • [ ADDED ] Proxy scraper. (Incomplete)
  • [ ADDED ] Discord rules accept bypass.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Error messages.
  • [ IMPROVED ] User terminal interface.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Improved request handling and TLS config.
  • [ FIXED ] Crashing with invalid invite format.
  • [ FIXED ] Almost all problems from past versions.

Deadcord v1.0

  • [ ADDED ] Re-wrote everything in Go.
  • [ ADDED ] Friend request spam.
  • [ ADDED ] Webhook Spam & Delete.
  • [ ADDED ] Speak Mode.
  • [ ADDED ] External Error logs.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Deadcord BD plugin interface.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Overall spam rate and speed. (thanks go-rountines)
  • [ FIXED ] Almost all problems from past versions.

Deadcord v0.5.1 ~ Hotfix

  • [ FIXED ] Issues with spam channel rotation.

Deadcord v0.5

  • [ ADDED ] Deadcord analytics. (helps me see where problems occur)
  • [ IMPROVED ] Scraping channel speed and functionality.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Deadcord BD plugin design.
  • [ FIXED ] OVER 80 problems and bugs.

Deadcord v0.4

  • [ FIXED ] 30+ Bugs.

Deadcord v0.3.1 ~ Hotfix

  • [ FIXED ] Three functions not working properly.

Deadcord v0.3

  • [ ADDED ] Safety trigger based on error amount.
  • [ ADDED ] Cloudflare block token ping.
  • [ ADDED ] Text Spam TTS option.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Deadcord stealth.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Token ping accuracy. Will no longer delete invalid tokens, will move them to separate file.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Token Profile Building.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Spam Modes.
  • [ FIXED ] Scraping User IDs and channels.
  • [ FIXED + REFACTORED ] Deadcord Core.
  • [ REVAMPED ] Deadcord client BD plugin.

Deadcord v0.2

  • [ REVAMPED ] Deadcord client BD plugin.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Increases the safety for your tokens.
  • [ IMPROVED ] Token ping output.
  • [ FIXED ] Reaction spam.
  • [ FIXED ] Some Deadcord functions.
  • [ ADDED ] Controllers file.

Deadcord v0.1

  • [ RELEASE ] Initial Release.


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