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prom-authzed-proxy is a proxy for Prometheus that authorizes the request’s Bearer Token with Authzed and enforces a label in a PromQL query.

Authzed is a database and service that stores, computes, and validates your application’s permissions.

Developers create a schema that models their permissions requirements and use a client library, such as this one, to apply the schema to the database, insert data into the database, and query the data to efficiently check permissions in their applications.

See for instructions on how to contribute and perform common tasks like building the project and running tests.

Basic Usage


If you’re using a modern version of Go, run the following command to install:

go install

If you want a container of the proxy and have docker installed:

docker pull

Running against localhost

The following command will run the proxy that checks the permissions against and a Prometheus running on localhost:

prom-authzed-proxy \
    --upstream-prom-addr http://localhost:9090 \
    --object-id-parameter install \
    --authzed-token tc_client_token_1234deadbeef  \
    --authzed-subject-definition-path psystem/token \
    --authzed-subject-relation ... \
    --authzed-object-definition-path psystem/prometheus \
    --authzed-permission viewer

Each request is checked to have a value as a Bearer Token that is a viewer of the value in the PromQL label install with their respective Authzed Object Types.

If the permission check fails, the proxy will return an HTTP 403.

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