“Go SQL DB” is a relational database that supports SQL queries for research purposes. The main goal is to show the basic principles and key design of a relational database to database enthusiasts. Therefore, to easily understand, a lot of tricks but not very rigorous design was adopted, and the amount of code was controlled at about 2000 lines (including 400 lines of unit tests).


  1. Pure Golang implementation, does not rely on any third-party packages. Goconvey was only introduced in unit tests
  2. Unit test coverage ≈ 73.5%

Storage Engine

  1. Special Thanks to Let’s Build a Simple Database
  2. Data retrieval structure based on B+Tree
  3. Disk persistence engine based on 4KB paging
  4. Close to POD (Plain Old Data) speed serialization & deserialization

SQL Parser

  1. Tokenizer is implemented based on text/scanner
  2. Support simple SELECT, INSERT syntax
    1. SELECT supports WHERE of numeric type
    2. Support LIMIT, but not support ORDER BY temporarily
  3. If you want to know how the SQL Parser that can be used in the production environment is implemented, please refer to the SQL Parser that I stripped from CockroachDB and supports the SQL-2011 standard

Execution Planner

  1. Select Implementation based on Volcano Model
  2. HTTP-based query and insert interface

Known Issues

  1. No DDL is implemented for the time being, only a fixed Schema

    struct Row {
        Id uint32
        Sex byte
        Age uint8
        Username [32]byte
        Email [128]byte
        Phone [64]byte
  2. For limited support for SQL syntax, see Test Cases
  3. Tokenizer is based on a clever implementation of the Golang language itself, there will be problems with the support of special characters in some strings, which can be solved by quoting strings with "

How to run

  1. Run

    go run . test.db

    Execute INSERT INTO table (id, username, email) VALUES (10, auxten, "auxtenwpc_gmailcom")

    BY accessing: http://localhost:8080/exec?q=INSERT%20INTO%20table%20(id,%20username,%20email)%20VALUES%20(10,%20auxten,%20%22auxtenwpc_gmailcom%22)


    Query SELECT * FROM table WHERE id > 3 LIMIT 10

    BY accessing: http://localhost:8080/query?q=SELECT%20*%20FROM%20table%20WHERE%20id%20%3E%203%20LIMIT%2010


  1. SQL-2011 SQL Parser
  2. Marshal/Unmarshal Code generation
  3. Document-oriented, embedded SQL database: genji
  4. CockroachDB
  5. Let’s Build a Simple Database


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