tew is a simple, quick ‘n’ dirty nmap parser for converting nmap xml output files to IP:Port notation.

For example:

This is useful for internal penetration tests and can be piped to httpx easily. As it is go, it compiles into a neat and tidy binary!


Go install

go install github.com/pry0cc/[email protected]


Binaries are available for most platforms and archectectures in the releases page.


# Run Nmap and save to XML output

nmap -T4 -oX file.xml

tew file.xml
tew file.xml | tee output.txt
tew file.xml | httpx -json -o http.json

Future Ideas

# Perhaps we could process dnsx output and correlate for vhosts?
tew file.xml --dnsx dnsx.txt | httpx 


  • Create auto build using github ci & autobuild
  • Add Arm64 for Darwin to Build
  • Use proper flags library
  • Add ability to import and use dnsx JSON & text output files

# Credit

  • @hakluke – Thank you man for helping me fix that dumb bug 🙂


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