This is a quick prototype of running Storj cluster in docker. (Not just the storagenodes but full cluster).

Today it depends on my own local containers (see but it may work with any official image…

Quick start

Just start the cluster:

#remove previous state
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Check the log files:

docker-compose logs satellite-api

Use the cluster:

docker-compose exec satellite-api bash
devrun credentials satellite-api [email protected]
export STORJ_ACCESS=...

uplink mb sj://bucket1

uplink share --auth-service http://authservice:8000 --url --not-after=none sj://bucket1/file1


Use local version from any of the services:

    - /home/elek/go/bin/storagenode:/var/lib/storj/go/bin/storagenode

Local development if entrypoint can be done with:

    - ./runner/

Remote debug is can be turned on with

   GO_DLV: "true"