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SmarttyBot is a multiplatform bot that uses natural language to execute functions using discord, telegram, email and gitlab

  • Set up all your accounts and get all the api tokens
  • Create and train your WitAI model
  • Let SmarttyBot make your life easier


  • Connect any account with any other account to create unique solutions and automations
  • Easily add your own functions with Python or Go
  • Train your own WitAI model and easily connect your WitAI actions with your own methods
  • Monitor your accounts and set up notifications to any other account
  • Create your own telegram markup for menus
  • The only limit is your imagination


Step 1: WitAI Setup

To set up WitAI you have to do 3 things:

  • Login on WitAI with facebook
  • Create your app
  • Train your app, make sure that all intents are the name of the function that is going to be executed

With that you will have set up the natural language module, for more details go to

After that:

with the key being the intent we set up before and the value being the new funtion to be executed


Step 2: Telegram Setup

You will need to create a bot

  • Go to on telegram
  • Send /newbot to create a new Telegram bot,
  • When asked, enter a name for the bot
  • Give the Telegram bot a unique username. Note that the bot name must end with the word “bot” (case-insensitive).
  • Copy and paste the Telegram bot’s access token to the .env file.
  • Make sure to change “smartty_bridge_bot” to the name of your telegram bot
    if user.UserName == “smartty_bridge_bot” {

Step 3: Discord Setup

To set up a discord bot follow this steps

Once you are done

  • Go to ‘Bot’
  • Select ‘Reset token’
  • Copy the token that appears into the .env file

Step 4: Email setup

Simply add your email credentials and server settings like this

EMAIL_ACCOUNT="[email protected]"

Installation & Execution

SmarttyBot requires Go v1.18+ to run.

git clone
cd SmarttyBot
go build


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GNU General Public License v3.0

Free Software, Hell Yeah!


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