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TimeCapsule is a Redis based task scheduling module written in Golang. It is designed to be used as a library in your own application. It is not a standalone application.

As the name suggests, it is inspired by the concept of time capsule which is designed to be used in a similar way. You can schedule tasks to be executed at a specific time in the future just like you buried a time capsule, and use this module to periodically look for tasks that are due to be executed from the dataloder. Once a task is due, it will be executed and removed from the dataloader.


  • Golang 1.18 Generic support
  • Customizable dataloader for performing task scheduling and execution


go get github.com/nekomeowww/timecapsule


package main

import (


func main() {
    // initialize redis dataloader
    redisDataloder := NewRedisDataloader[string]("some/task/key", redis.NewClient(&redis.Options{
        Addr: net.JoinHostPort("localhost", "6379"), 
        Password: "123456",

    // create a time capsule digger, pass 250*time.Millisecond into parameter as the interval
    digger := NewDigger[string](redisDataloder, 250*time.Millisecond)

    // set task handler function
    digger.SetHandler(func(capsule *TimeCapsule[string]) {
        fmt.Println("task", capsule.Payload, "is due") // print a message

    // start digging in a seperated goroutine
    go digger.Start()
    // defer stop digging
    defer digger.Stop()

    // Bury a time capsule
    err = digger.BuryFor("this is a time capsule", time.Second)
    if err != nil {

    err = digger.BuryUntil("this is a time capsule", time.Now().UTC().Add(time.Second).UnixMilli())
    if err != nil {


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