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A reflection based dependency injection toolkit for Go.

Good for:

  • Powering an application framework, e.g. Fx.
  • Resolving the object graph during process startup.

Bad for:

  • Using in place of an application framework, e.g. Fx.
  • Resolving dependencies after the process has already started.
  • Exposing to user-land code as a Service Locator.


We recommend consuming SemVer major version 1 using your dependency manager of choice.

$ glide get 'go.uber.org/dig#^1'
$ dep ensure -add "go.uber.org/[email protected]"
$ go get 'go.uber.org/[email protected]'


This library is v1 and follows SemVer strictly.

No breaking changes will be made to exported APIs before v2.0.0.