Just a REST API app for CRUD’ ing informations related to League of Legends champions, written with Go. Demonstration video at Youtube can be found here

It will be updated for GraphQL and gRPC versions.


Before using, you must have Go and Docker. Of course there will be no data in database but don’t worry, you can fetch latest hero informations from LOL server with this repo

go get -u

Dockerized MongoDB containers can be initialized from app folder with commands depending container status:

docker compose up or docker compose start

Since our containers are running:

go run main.go

Ready to go…

Quick Start

You can Bash it or use POSTMAN. (Portal column at the table points to related POSTMAN tab eg params, headers, body, raw, json etc)

To retrieve hero list

If you want to check hero list:

Method URL Portal
GET http://localhost:8080/rest/champions/list NA

Query Hero and Informations

You can query by two options. Sample query URL’s given in the table:

  • Either query a hero with its name and take results of desired fields.For brevity, comma is used for seperation so repetition of q=vals is not needed.
  • Or make a conditional query by key, operand and value.
Method URL Portal
GET http://localhost:8080/rest/champions?name=Jinx&q=lore,stats.hp, Params
GET http://localhost:8080/rest/champions? Params
  • First query URL returns Lore,Health Pointand Spells for hero named Jinx
  • Second query URL returns hero names who has gt(greater than) 250 Mana point

Field’s can be found at lib/model.go as json tagged. It is same as default LOL JSON return.
Operands for second query is same for MongoDB but with no $ sign. For example; eq, gt, lt

Create New Champion

You can use both raw JSON and Form-Data tab but for detailed creation JSON way must be picked.

Method URL Portal
POST http://localhost:8080/rest/champions Body/form-data
POST http://localhost:8080/rest/champions/createWJSON Body/raw – JSON

Update Hero Informations

You can revoke, boost or nerf you favorite champion or change any field you want to. Total of 4 Body/form-data inputs are required.
These are name indicates hero name to be changed,key is for field that will be modified,op is operand obviously and val is new value .

Method URL Portal
PATCH http://localhost:8080/rest/champions Body/form-data

Delete Champion

You can also delete any champion you want.

Method URL Portal
DELETE http://localhost:8080/rest/champions Body/form-data


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