Go Lock Models REST API Example

A RESTful API example for simple lock model information application with Go

It is a just simple tutorial or example for making simple RESTful API.

Installation & Run

# Download this project
go get github.com/aydinnyunus/gateCracker-REST/

# Build and Run
cd gateCracker-REST
go mod tidy
go run main.go

# API Endpoint :


├── go.mod
├── go.sum  
├── simple.go
└── main.go






  • GET : Get all smartLocks


  • GET : Get a smartLock

Bug / Feature Request ?‍?

If you find a bug (the application couldn’t handle the query and / or gave undesired results), kindly open an issue here by including your search query and the expected result.

If you’d like to request a new function, feel free to do so by opening an issue here. Please include sample queries and their corresponding results.

It is my first application with GUI.Thank you !.

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