GO-BLOG blogging platform RESTful API service

Just another fun project from me 👻… This is a simple REST API service built for a blogging platform where a anybody can sign-up, and start their own blog by creating a post. The two major models on this platform are the Users and Blog posts. I am currently adding more features like cover image upload… Feel free to check it out and of course, play around it!

Getting started

To run this API locally, you must have Go installed on your machine, PostgresSQL is the database used, but you may want to try out other SQL DBMSs. To do this, you would need to tweak the Init() method present in the controllers/base.go file. Not forgetting to install the required gorm dialect package for whichever DBMS you’d be using. Follow the steps below to get started 👇

Run the following commands

git clone https://github.com/Tee-Stark/go-blog.git
cd go-blog
go mod download

Set Environment Variables

You may now go ahead to set your environment variables by copying the content of the envsample file into a .env file in the root directory. Ensure the content is set to your local database configurations ⚠ . `

Create Local Database

Create a new database with the name and owner as specified in your DB_NAME & DB_USER variables.

Start the Application

Once done, you may now start the Go application by running the command below in the project’s root directory: go run main.go

The above command will run auto-migrations, and get the server running on your specified port.

Making Requests.

The complete documentation on how to make requests can be found here: Go-blog API docs.

while I add tests and other features…contributions are also welcome…Also reach out to me if you need any help 💓

Enjoy !!!


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