Fasttrack Code Test

The idea of this project is developing a simple quiz using Golang and a Cobra CLI that talks with the API implemented by Francisco Augusto Cesar de Camargo Bellaz Guiraldelli.

User stories/Use cases

The main demanded user stories and use cases for this project is described below: – User should be presented questions with a number of answers; – User should be able to select just one answer per question; – User should be able to answer all the questions and then post his/her answers and get back how manu correct answers there had and be displayed to the user; – User should see how good he/she rated compared to others that had taken the quiz, e.g. “You scored higher than 60% of all quizzers”.

Aditional user stories / use cases

Additionally to make more easier the user experience and the development for this project was added also the user stories / use cases below: – User should be able to register your user using name and e-mail;

Running the code

To run the project you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Run the command to build compile the executable file in the main directory:

    go build .
  2. Run the command to start server:

    <executable_filename> startServer
  3. Run the command to start quiz:

    <executable_filename> startQuiz



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