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A scrubbing utility in Golang to hide sensitive fields from a struct prior to logging.

Since the scrubbing utility function needs to work on any Golang struct where its fields and members are known only at runtime, we can leverage “reflect”, a powerful package from the Golang standard library, to scrub sensitive fields at any level of a deeply nested structure recursively.

Blog post

Blog post with a detailed explanation:

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go install[email protected]


  import ""

  // Have a struct with some sensitive fields.
  type testScrub struct {
    Username string
    Password string
    Codes    []string

  // Create a struct with some sensitive data.
  T := testScrub{
     Username: "administrator",
     Password: "my_secret_passphrase",
     Codes:    []string{"pass1", "pass2", "pass3"},

  // Create a set of field names to scrub (default is 'password').
  fieldsToScrub := map[string]bool{
    "password": true,
    "codes": true,

  // Call the util API to get a JSON formatted string with scrubbed field values.
  out := scrub.Scrub(&T, fieldsToScrub)

  // Log the scrubbed string without worrying about prying eyes!
  OUTPUT: {"Username":"administrator","Password":"********","Codes":["********","********","********"]}


Contributions are most welcome! Please create a new issue and link your PR to it.


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