WebPty - open source web shell from 1 binary

I love bash and I spend most of my time in a terminal so I needed a way to bring that environment over to my browser to make it confortable to run my servers.

Webpty is a zero config fat binary that “just work” from any server with any program (obviously including the likes of tmux, vim, emacs, …).

It is safe by default meaning:

  • you can’t use webpty using HTTP at all
  • it will create its own self signed certificates if you don’t supply your own
  • rely on SSH to authorise users meaning only people who already have an account on the box can connect to webpty
  • I have it exposed on the internet to manage my servers which run in prod at Filestash

In the roadmap:

  • plugin mechanism to support additional user management mechanism, custom theme, logs, …
  • optional proxy to make it possible to access your pi at home from a restricted network at work
  • run webpty as a library so you can make a webshell for your own web application


# arm build
curl -L -o webpty.bin "https://github.com/mickael-kerjean/webpty/releases/download/stable/webpty_linux_arm.bin"
# intel/amd
curl -L -o webpty.bin "https://github.com/mickael-kerjean/webpty/releases/download/stable/webpty_linux_amd64.bin"

# launch it
chmod +x webpty.bin


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