• !searches <input> – Grabs a usernames searches
  • !info <input> – Gets information on the account.. cape, skin, uuid etc.
  • !droptime <input> – gets a names droptime and caches it in the config.
  • !available <input> – tells you if a name may be available or not
  • !three <input> (3c, 3l, 3n) – this sends back a .txt file filled with upcoming 3 chars and there unix timestamps.
  • !remove <input> – this removes a name from the config, so you wont be alerted
  • !logs – prints all of the logs in your config or simply none.
  • !status – tells you if the bot is functional at the moment.
  • !ping – fun commands that tells u a estimated delay on your hosts pc.


Another lil project, bot to cache dropping names you look up, pings you (attempts to) when its within 8 mins of droptime..


You will need your discords token, this can be gained from logging in via browser and getting it from the local storage area or a token logger program.
Your also need to input a channel id into logschannel this can be a guild channel or personal dms (this is for the alerts)


Navigate to the Go download page, after you have downloaded the latest version for your machine simply download the githubs code and extract its contents to your desktop.

After this cd into the folder and type go run . to run it!

Thats all! enjoy 💙


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