A telegram bot running on vercel to verify if the user is a human.




What you need:

  • A vercel account
  • The token of your telegram bot
  • The site-key and secret-key of your hCaptcha

Deploy to vercel

  1. Create your telegram bot via @BotFather
  2. Go to the Settings tab to get your secret key.
  3. Go to the Sites tab and create a new site key.
  4. Fork this repo or click the button below to deploy it to vercel.
  5. Go to the Environment Variables tab and add the following variables:
    • BOT_TOKEN: The token of your telegram bot.
    • SECRET_KEY: The secret key of your hCaptcha account.
    • SITE_KEY: The site key of your active site.
  6. Redeploy the project to make the environment variables take effect.
  7. Set the webhook by requesting[BOT_TOKEN]/setWebhook?url=https://[YOUR_DOMAIN]/webhook/[BOT_TOKEN]

Deploy with Vercel


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