Helm Cache

Version: 0.1.0 Type: application AppVersion: 1.16.0

A service for caching charts from secrets in Kubernetes, save them localy and store on Chartmuseum (optionally).


  • Helm >= 3
  • Kubernetes >= 1.16

Installing the chart

Without Chartmuseum cache:

$ helm upgrade --install --create-namespace \
    -n helm-cache \
    helm-cache \

With Chartmuseum cache:

$ helm upgrade --install --create-namespace \
    -n helm-cache \
    helm-cache \
    --set chartmuseum.url=http://chartmuseum-url:8080 \
    --set chartmuseum.username=chartmuseum \
    --set chartmuseum.password=chartmuseum \


Key Type Default Description
affinity object {} Affinity for pod assignment.
chartmuseum.password string "" Chartmuseum password.
chartmuseum.url string "" Chartmuseum URL.
chartmuseum.username string "" Chartmuseum username.
fullnameOverride string "" String to fully override helm-cache.fullname template.
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" helm-cache image pull policy.
image.repository string "turboazot/helm-cache" helm-cache image repository.
image.tag string "0.0.8" helm-cache image tag.
imagePullSecrets list [] helm-cache image pull secrets.
nameOverride string "" String to partially override helm-cache.fullname template (will maintain the release name).
nodeSelector object {} Node labels for pod assignment. Evaluated as a template.
podAnnotations object {} Annotations for helm-cache pods.
podSecurityContext object {} helm-cache pods’ Security Context.
rbac.create bool true Create RBAC resources.
resources object {} The resources requests and limits for the helm-cache container.
scanningInterval string "10s" An interval between scanning release secrets.
securityContext object {} helm-cache security context.
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations for service account.
tolerations list [] Tolerations for pod assignment.


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