A small set of useful console tools for the moonbeam chains proudly made by ? Zooper Corp ?, if you like this tool consider nominating our collator ?

Chain info

Show chain state at a given block or round, for example we can get chain status 20 blocks before round 512 started using this command.

mooncli info --round 512 --block -20

This will output:

  "info": {
    "endpoint": "wss://",
    "chain": "Moonbeam",
    "spec": 1401,
    "block": {
      "current": 917380,
      "hash": "0xf57dfe4e1a3edb48305c9a3940b68c8bfa236ca7c00b472d8b3c4e1278b852a5",
      "ts": 1651178748592,
      "duration": 12.7524192
    "round": {
      "number": 511,
      "length": 1800,
      "start": 915600,
      "revoke_delay": 28
    "candidate_pool": {
      "selected": 64,
      "total": 77
    "token": {
      "decimals": 18,
      "symbol": "GLMR"

Collator ranking

You can dump collator ranking as JSON or to an ASCII table, so for example, to get current ranking with blocks average across last 8 rounds and revokes counted/ranking after 1 week you can use:

mooncli collators table --history 8 --revoke-rounds 28

This will result in: ranking.png Check the subcommand help for more info, as the info command you can use round and block options to show ranking at a specific block or round


If you need to watch collator ranking you can use the serve method to start a server that will provide the ranking through a small API, endpoints provided will be:

  • /info current chain state and last update
  • /collators chain pool ranking
  • /collators/address chain pool ranking for a given collator
  • /delegations/address delegations for a given delegator or collator
  • /healthz will return 5XX if last update was more than 1.5 times the interval


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