Notion Toolset

A set of tools to automate my Notion workflow using Notion API and GitHub Action.

Build with dstotijn/go-notion.


  • Follow the official guide to create your own Notion integration.
    • Take note of your Notion API token.
    • Share your databases with the integration afterwards.
  • Create a new GitHub repo:
    • Setup your Notion API token:
      • Go Settings > Secrets > Actions.
      • Create a New repository secret, using the name NOTION_TOKEN and the value of the actual token.
    • Setup your GitHub Actions:
    • Setup your notion-toolset Configs:
      • You need to create yaml config files for each tool and use them with --config=path/to/config.yml.
      • You can reference to the example/configs/ for examples.


  • --cmd=daily-journal: Create empty daily pages in a database
  • --cmd=weekly-journal: Create empty weekly pages in a database
  • --cmd=duplicate: Find duplicated titles in a database and write them to a block
  • --cmd=flashback: Resurface some random pages in a database and write them to a block
  • --cmd=collector: Collect a set of pages and write them to a block
  • --cmd=cluster: Cluster pages in a database by their titles (simple word cluster)
  • --cmd=export: Export pages in a database to markdown files (text content only)


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