A API for your youtube channel to protect your api key.

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You can’t publicly access the google/youtube api without an api key. That’s why there is no badge for youtube channels. This repo aims to be the solution to this, because you deploy your own public api which only fetches your channel.


  • Cache time to prevent rate limiting
  • Secure api key due env variable



Name Example Description URL
Subscriber count Custom badge Shows the amount of subscribers /subscriber
View count Custom badge Shows the amount of views of all videos of the channel /views
Video count Custom badge Shows the amount of videos on the channel /videos
Comment count Custom badge Shows the amount of youtube comments of the channel /comments


Name Examples
plastic Custom badge
flat Custom badge
flat-square Custom badge
for-the-badge Custom badge
social Custom badge

All examples are live and based on my youtube channel:


Variable Name Description Required
API_KEY Your google api key. See section below on how to get one TRUE
CHANNEL_ID The youtube channel id of which the stats should be processed TRUE
CACHE_TIME Time in seconds on how long the last result is cached. Default is 300. FALSE

Getting a google api key & activate youtube api

  1. Go to google developer console

  2. Log In to your google account

  3. Click on Select a project (Looks like a dropdown button)

    url image

  4. Create a new project by clicking on the New Project button

    url image

  5. Give your project a name (or leave it to the generated one) and create your project by pressing on CREATE

    url image

  6. On the next window, click on + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES in the top

    url image

  7. Search for Youtube in the search bar and click on YoTube Data API v3

    url image

  8. Enable the API by clicking on ENABLE

    url image

  9. Click on the 3 lines in the top left corner to open the side menu and hover over APIs & Services and then click on Credentials

    url image

  10. Click on CREATE CREDENTIALS and then on API key

    url image

  11. Copy your API key

    url image

Find your youtube channel id

  1. Goto your advanced account settings

  2. Copy your channel id

    url image


It is neccessary to deploy this repo by yourself to get a domain for the desired youtube channel.
An easy and free way to deploy this repo is by using vercel. Just use the button below.

Deploy with Vercel

Step by step

  1. Click on the deploy button above or click here

  2. Click on Continue

    url image

  3. Click on no

    url image

  4. Select your user account and click on continue

    url image

  5. Fork the repo with a click on continue

    url image

  6. Click again on Continue

    url image

  7. Enter your API_KEY, CHANNEL_ID and CACHE_TIME. Check Configuration if you need help getting those things.

    url image

  8. Click on Deploy and your deployment should finish after a short time

    url image


  1. Deploy the repo and get your url from domains

    Example in vercel:

    url image

  2. Go to and scroll down

    url image

  3. Add your vercel url to the url field

  4. Add your wanted url suffix:

    • to get the subscriber count: add api/subscriber

    • to get the view count: add api/views

    • to get the comment count: add api/comments

    • to get the video count: add api/videos

    It should look like this:

    url image

  5. Override the labels/colors/logo if you want (optional)

  6. Click on the button to copy the badge url

    url image

  7. Enjoy! ?


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