A SigFlip implement in golang, SigFlip is a tool for patching authenticode signed PE files (exe, dll, sys ..etc) in a way that doesn’t affect or break the existing authenticode signature, in other words you can change PE file checksum/hash by embedding data (i.e shellcode) without breaking the file signature, integrity checks or PE file functionality.

you can use SigFlip/Golang to execute the shellcode in the generated file


Usage of gSigFlip.exe:
  -out string
        output pe file path (default "out.exe")
  -pe string
        pe file path which you want ot hide data
  -sf string
        the path of the file where shellcode is stored
  -tag string
        the tag you want to use, support "\x1a \xdf" "\x1a\xdf" "1a, df" "1a df" (default "fe ed fa ce fe ed fa ce")
  -xor string
        the xor key you want to use

As a Package

Please view cmd/gSigFlip/main.go



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