A simple and fast write ahead log for Go.


  • High durability
  • Fast operations
  • Monotonic indexes
  • Batch writes
  • Log truncation from front or back.

Getting Started


To start using wal, install Go and run go get:

$ go get -u github.com/tidwall/wal

This will retrieve the library.


// open a new log file
log, err := Open("mylog", nil)

// write some entries
err = log.Write(1, []byte("first entry"))
err = log.Write(2, []byte("second entry"))
err = log.Write(3, []byte("third entry"))

// read an entry
data, err := log.Read(1)
println(string(data))  // output: first entry

// close the log
err = log.Close()

Batch writes:

// write three entries as a batch
batch := new(Batch)
batch.Write(1, []byte("first entry"))
batch.Write(2, []byte("second entry"))
batch.Write(3, []byte("third entry"))

err = log.WriteBatch(batch)


// write some entries
err = log.Write(1, []byte("first entry"))
err = log.Write(1000, []byte("thousandth entry"))

// truncate the log from index starting 350 and ending with 950.
err = l.TruncateFront(350)
err = l.TruncateBack(950)


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