This task is a simple API for validating numbers using regex, manipulating given database and rendering required data.

This task has two parts

  • backend (golang)
  • frontend (react)

##Technologies Used for backend

  • Golang
  • SQLite
  • Gin-Gonic Router

##Scope of the Task

  • OOP skills
  • Standard/Clean code
  • Regex

Running the application


  • sync all dependencies with the command go mod tidy
  • run the backend with the command make run

If .env file with port is not available, the backend will run on port 8081


  • Open the jumia-frontend directory on a new window/terminal
  • install all dependencies with command npm i
  • run the frontend with the command npm start
  • check your axios file to configure your port. Default port at axios.js is 8081

##Testing Backend

  • Mock the Database with the command make mock
  • Handler Test with mocked DB can be found in /handler/test directory
  • Unit test for services can be found in /services directory


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